Norway tops the medal list

Norway, which won 4 gold and silver medals, ranked first in the medal list.

At the end of the 37th European Athletics Championships, Norway took the first place with 4 gold and one silver medal. Norway won the gold medals with Jakob Ingebrigtsen in the men’s 1500 and 3000 meters, Sondre Gutormsen in the men’s pole vault, and Karsten Warholm in the men’s 400 meters. With Sonder Skotheim’s silver medal in the men’s heptathlon Norway finished the first in the medal list 

In the total number of medals, the Netherlands and Poland became the countries that won the most medals in 2023 Istanbul with 7 medals. The Netherlands also ranked second in the overall ranking with 3 gold, 3 silver and one bronze medal. Poland, which did not win a gold medal, placed 15th in the overall order with 4 silvers and 3 bronzes.

The host country’s tradition of winning at least one medal continued in 2023 Istanbul. With Tuğba Danışmanz’s European championship in women’s triple jump, Turkey completed 2023 Istanbul with one gold.