Business rendez-vous at Darülaceze

Notables faces of business and sport came together at Darülaceze for the publicity event of the European Athletics Indoor Championships.

Just seven months until the İstanbul 2023 European Athletics Indoor Championships, which is due to take place on 2-5 March at Ataköy Athletics Arena, the third grand publicity event of the organization was held at Darülaceze. Championship ambassadors of Istanbul 2023 came together with Darülaceze, a charity organization with more than 120-year history, for social responsibilities and took part in a symbolic tree planting event with the organization’s staff and residents.

The first part of the event opened with a speech by Hamza Cebeci, the head of Darülaceze, on the history and work of the organization, whereas the second part was comprised of the introduction of Istanbul 2023 European Indoor Athletics Championships. The meeting, in which the identity of the championships was put forward in detail, concluded with the thematic emphases of three of the mission ambassador athletes; Şilan Ayyıldız, Berke Akçam and Tuğba Danışmaz, regarding the enhancement of awareness on environment. Turkey’s national athletes shared the missions of “clean air”, “sustainable water resources” and “upcycle”.

At the event, which was held with the contributions of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, alongside Hamza Cebeci, the Chair of Darülaceze and, Turkish Athletics President Fatih Çintimar, Burhanettin Hacıcaferoğlu (Director of Youth and Sports of Istanbul), İlker Öztürk (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Director of Youth and Sports department) Renay Onur (General Director of Spor Istanbul) Oğuz Tongsir (Chair of Turkish Sports Writers’ Association), clubs’ representatives, business people and the press were also present. European Athletics President Dobromir Karamarinov also sent a video message to the function for congratulate all of the event partners.

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