Bol breaks the world record: 49.29

As the national championships take place before the Euro Indoors 2023, Femke Bol set the 400m world record in Appeldoorn.

A large part of the European national indoor championships prior to İstanbul 2023 took place during the weekend of 18-19 February. The highlight of these championships was Femke Bol, who broke the 40-year-old world record in 400m. 

Femke Bol, 22, improved Jarmila Kratochvilova’s 49.62 world record, which was set in 1982, by 0.33 seconds while competing at the Dutch National Indoor Athletics Championships in Appeldoorn. Bol, racing against Lieke Klaver with whom she won world and European medals in 4×400, stopped the clock at 49.26 and produced the most astonishing result of the season so far. Klaver also clocked a personal best with 50.34 seconds.

At the Polish Indoor Championships in Torun, Natalia Kaczmarek improved the 400m national record with 50.83, whereas the pentathlon winner Adriana Sulek added 9 more points to the former record with a dashing 4860. Ewa Swoboda, one of the favourites for women’s 60m at Euro Indoors, won the national championship by clocking 7.10.

At the Spanish Indoor Athletletics Championships in Madrid, Oscar Husillos broke the men’s 400m national record with 45.58. Other national record setters were Enrique Llopis in the 60m hurdles race with 7.48, and Jordan Diaz with a 17.59m in men’s triple jump. 

As Milica Gardasevic won the national women’s long jump championship with 6.90m at the Serbian Indoors in Belgrade, Ivana Vuleta came in second with 6.81m. In Greece, Emmanuel Karalis set the men’s pole vault national record by leaping to 5.86m.

British National Indoor Athletics Championships were held in Birmingham. While the 60 metres winners were Reese Prescod (6.5) and Daryll Neita (7.17), in Italy, Samuele Ceccarelli ran a personal best of 6.54 seconds in the final and pushed Olympic gold-medallist Marcel Jacobs to the second place by a margin of 0.01 seconds.

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