Welcome to EICH 2023

Some of the best athlets from all over Europe will be contest in one of the oldest cities in the continent, Istanbul.

All of the information you need about Europe Athletics Championships is here.

The European Athletics has guaranteed the obligation to comply with the Style Guidelines, which clearly states the rules of logo design in the Organizer Agreement. With reference of the Style Guidelines, it only allows the name of the province and the year of the competition to be written together with the European Athletics logo in the indicated spaces.

The Championships’ logo has been designed taking into consideration the theme which was specified in the candidature file of the European Athletics Indoor Championships, the second major athletics event in Europe, to be held in Istanbul on 2-5 March 2023, and which gained acceptance by the European Athletics Executive Board.

Theme Of The Championship – Nature

The fact that the nature is harmed more by human activities day by day threatens the life of all living creatures. The increasing of the fossil fuels uses based on the industrialization, destroys the balance of the ecosystem, causing global warming and becoming the biggest threat to all living creatures. Various factors, such as insensible use of natural resources, mismanagement of industrial, domestic, and agricultural wastes, causes the destruction of the balanced functioning of nature. For this reason, as well as being a major sports event, Istanbul 2023 European Indoor Athletics Championships, which will be watched by thousands of people, is aimed to serve as a bridge between sports and nature with the theme of nature protection.